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Be kind to those who love you.

Be kind to those who don't understand you.

Be kind to those who hurt you.

Sow seeds of virtue in others.

Sow seeds in the ground of their soul and mind.

Reap a harvest from the acts of courage in your life.

Try to live outside the ordinary. Be noble and of good character.

The nurture of life will eventually heal its hurts.

As it says, time heals all wounds, but this may be because time gives us the opportunity to forgive.

Time is a luxury we may not have forever, so forgive the wrongs against you each day. 

The truth I hold to is one of the healing and the Healer. Go and be healers of the ills of mankind, whether through writing, medicine, or the arts.

I believe that everyone has the capacity to see life through the diamond of the soul, and its many facets.

The Wild Lily Institute has many facets, many threads for the weaving of a tapestry.

You are invited to participate in our work in whatever way you feel able. I thank you for your contribution to the whole, and our holistic endeavors.

Emily Isaacson

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