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Medicine Woman


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Emily Isaacson . . .



Emily Isaacson opened her private practice as Daffodil Hill Nutrition in Maple Ridge, BC. There she launched her first websites out of her office, designed by her office administrator, birthing a series online. The idea blossomed into the tapestry series we have run as 'The Lion and the Unicorn Tapestry Series', and 'The Clay Road Tapestry Series' from 2006 to today. Her websites were eventually run by her own design company, Voetelle and to date have gathered over 2 million visits.


Emily Isaacson as a Medicine Woman, was a gifted speaker and healer who thrived on helping people with their health from a nutritional perspective. Emily worked as a Nutritionist and Health Coach in private practice in the Fraser Valley and Maple Ridge for over 15 years. She wrote a book on healing and created a fictional 12th band of the Stó:lō People, called A Lodge of Broken Bark.


Here in this spiritual lodge is where "broken people" suffering from physical and spiritual abuse could find their true home. Here is where people with addictions and horrifying experiences could find true healing. This was depicted in her book on Aboriginal medicine A Familiar Shore.


We will remember of Emily Isaaacson's legacy her self-reliance, her survivalist who loved to walk in the woods of Bear Mountain. Her resonant mentality helped her to survive often difficult situations with courage that defied the odds. She loved nature, and animals often appeared out of nowhere to talk with her. Birds flew over her in formation in the sky when she drove around the countryside.


 Cats waited for her approach by the curb. She even had a bear cub climb up the tree in her front yard once. She met raccoons, rabbits, squirrels, muskrats, mice, coyotes, geese, deer, ducks, and even a cougar. She was never afraid of wild animals, and they respected her in turn.


We will be keeping some of her web content and the official WLI main site, including some archived materials, and web sites. We have vast amounts of her life work archived at WLI, including her over 1800 published poems.  Her Facebook account can be read by her friends who were interested in her reality-show like day to day life.  


In the meantime, have a butter croissant with tea on us . . .

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