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A Blessing in Disguise


It is rare for a singer to be as good at songwriting as they are at singing. When you see this winning combination it is one that creates and defines fame. Often singers have to rely on writing by professional songwriters. 

Musical instruments

Worship Songwriter

Emily Isaacson wrote over 400 worship songs, many of them for corporate worship in university.

Two of her songs, one of them co-written, were published in 2000 on the CD by Vineyard Music titled "The Cross." Her song was the title track and was featured on Christian Radio.

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How does lyric writing inform the poetry?

Writing songs teaches you to write singeable lyrics. Every song has both a melody line and chording in  worship music, along with the words and song structure. If the music was a gift, but was left on the shelf, maybe the composer would look for another outlet in arts. Rejection as a composer is pricey. Writing is more cost-effective and is singular in nature. The worship canon of the Vineyard and its corporate nature has informed the poetry so it is like song.

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