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Meet The Abbotsford Nutritionist



Emily Isaacson, is a licensed holistic nutritionist in Abbotsford. She has been working in the nutrition and food industry for eighteen years. She has a degree in Nutrition from Bastyr University, and is a Certified Personal Trainer (ISSA). She is a Registered Orthomolecular Holistic Practitioner ROHP (IONC). 

Emily provides food plans, usually called therapeutic diets, so clients can improve their health and wellness using food, and supplements if needed. Her sessions include both nutrition analysis and assessment. 

What to expect during your Clinic intake nutrition appointment?

One hour session with a nutritionist:
--Fill out our intake paperwork
--Take a short quiz to indicate what your previous nutrition intake knowledge is 
and what your expectations are for your visit
--Go over your health and medical history with the nutritionist
--Describe your current health, conditions, and symptoms 
--Find out how she can help you using nutrition
--Share what supplements and medication you are currently on
--Describe what you eat on a daily basis
--Find out what foods and food combinations will help your condition
--Get a customized Food Plan of when and what to eat for the next two weeks
--Receive three suggestions as to changes you can begin to move towards 
to improve your health and current condition
If you've tried other diets, loads of supplements, and everyone you know has given you advice, come talk to an expert and get the right knowledge to make the changes that are based in medical and nutritional literature and studies. Emily Isaacson's training is both equivocal to that of a dietitian and based on the principles of naturopathic medicine.
Talk to Nutritionist Emily Isaacson
Emily Isaacson is registered with the I.O.N.C.
We are open evenings and weekends.
We are covered by extended medical plans.
Multiple payment methods including credit card or e-transfer.

We have re-branded last year . . .

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Phone  1.877.927.5222    Make an appointment online.

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