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by Emily Isaacson

"Emily's poetry is as popular as Purdys Chocolatier - Sweet Georgia Browns."


- Purdys Chocolates

Purdys Chocolates in Canada opted to send Emily Isaacson four boxes of chocolates to celebrate her work Arsenic. 


It's no secret that our Sweet Georgia Browns have their own fan club. 


 --Purdys Chocolates

More About Arsenic . . .

This collection highlights 58 distressed sonnets by Canadian poet Emily Isaacson. The publication of these early works detail her emergence as a writer of sonnets, a distinct and strict templative form. Her own genius adds to their complexity as she deviates from form on occasion to produce a reward to the eye and ear. Her sonnets are a practiced voice of the new millennium, with much to glean from.

76 pages                                    Paperback                     Ships in 3-5 business days


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