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Love in the Time of Plague



New book release dubbed LITTOP

Isaacson's 2022 book 

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There is light in this vase of yellow-born,

like the sun streaming across the miles, bold

and high cliffs, isolated nature, old

red sandstone, rugged cliffs battered by storms,

wild grass hosting a long Skokholm haven:

seabirds, in heath and salt marsh, St. John’s wort

rises serene; three-lobed water crowfoot—

with whisper of dew on ancient heaven.


"A Townswoman's Cloak", LITTOP


Canadian poet and one of the persecuted writers, to win over her audience Isaacson had to be as poignant as Edna St. Vincent Millay, as fearsome as Margaret Atwood, and as regal as the Queen. Her clear and unadulterated voice resounded through her craft with both practicality and romance. She cleared the conscience of a nation and won an audience of those who had lost interest in the dusty field of verse long ago. Rekindle poetry at its finest hour...


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Now Available


The dark mire,

it has spies, it has stones

with seven eyes,

and rock gardens’ bones.

With fountains of wordless dew,

the moments blithe blossom,

the cultivated lesson,

the silent shrew.

Emily Isaacson

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