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In celebration of Canada's 150 Year Anniversary


They had expected her classic portrait through the wine,

the deep oil on canvas, the triune colour,

her hidden nest near the forested body of water,

reflecting the wild and winsome throughout time.


About the Book . . .

This poignant and lyrical collection rises to stir our hearts from poverty to the ornamental. Emily Isaacson writes her sacred words as we enter the Baroque era of the internet. . . 


 She sets out to make a postmodern impact by using colour and style paired with the creativity necessary for survival.

Poetry the Size of a Novel

Emily Isaacson signed with Dove Christian Publishers in 2017 for her book Hallmark. This new work has over a hundred new poems and thirty new sonnets, including Sonnet of Tears, a poem about missing aboriginal women on the Highway of Tears. 

Emily Isaacson 3 by Shaylin Thulin Edited.jpg

Author Emily Isaacson

Postmodern Poet

Canadian poet Emily Isaacson lends her verse of growing up on Vancouver Island, and once wrote in a tree.  She has published fourteen books of poetry, as well as a novel, photography, and a children's book. She was studied in 2016 by McMaster University as one of Canada's authors. 

Isaacson is the director of the Wild Lily Institute in Mission, British Columbia. Isaacson has trained in creative writing and restorative justice. She inspires her readers in skills of conflict resolution, circle keeping, and healing through forgiveness. Her themes include the sea, healing, forgiveness, and reparation.

A Gift With Outstretched Hands


I give you the land of Canada,

the gifts of following further,

growing in silence,

and daring to believe in beauty.


Canada, expanse

of the beautiful and free,

may liberty crown you with justice

in the realm of the unseen.

—Emily Isaacson

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In this commemorative edition, we showcase the select poetry of Canadian poet Emily Isaacson, from her simple pieces to the epic. This work surrounds the guillotine of the recession that has influenced Canadians over the past decade.

Over 200 poems


Book site

Do not despise thou love, nor rue its share,

the shelter it provides is providence,

the elegance of home is free from cares,

and thine bent head in prayer is evidence.



"Isaacson has added an iconic influence to an old art . . ."

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