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French Literature

Calendar Classics

This holiday favourite

will give you a gift to put

under the tree that will

delight both

children and adults alike.


Enter this magical world . . . 


Emily Isaacson's series of poetry for each month of the year celebrates a child born in each month.

A gift to her family, and their myriad grandchildren, she includes botanical poems for each month with her selections from the Celtic Tree Calendar that have gained new insight and significance. They are written in the form of Odes.


About the book . . .

The symbolic trees and botanicals are selected for each month of the year. The poems bring to mind special qualities for each plant and child, including both their strengths and weaknesses.

Isaacson references herbology, botany, remedies from botanicals, and the magic of cottagecore in this delightful book for children and adults alike.



From Author Emily Isaacson ...

There was a vase of flowers

on the table,

the kind that grow wild in a field,

daisies with purple edges.


Butter dissolved into the beans,

while the family ate

roast beef,

before the truth could be arrested



relationship dissipating

even the though the water was wine,

and their blood was war.


Emily’s collection contains short but beautifully written odes. It’s a book that you can finish in one sitting. I highly recommend it to readers who love literature and poetry in particular. This one’s a good homage to trees and it reminds us of the sacred bonds between trees and people. Overall, I’m giving it 5 out of 5 stars for the author’s complete manifestation of love and devotion to trees, and for bringing out the beauty and essence of each type.

—Shey Saints, reviewer

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