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           EMPRESS DAY


Christmas Oratorio


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Celebrate December 11 . . .

This is not a holiday, it's a 

c e l e b r a t i o n !


The boldened panes refract
your machlis’ destined furor
I, in the ripened note, shall play.

Emily Isaacson, The Fleur-de-lis


Book Launch: The Fleur-de-lis

This December 11 . . .


Empress Day


is available for purchase

in our 

online bookstore.

Midnight Candle.png

Live Coffee & Tea Poetry Event: Meet the Empress

Date: Saturday, Dec 16 

Where: Afterthoughts Coffee Shop, Abbotsford  

Free Poetry Reading

Time: 3-4 PM

Address:  3050 Gladwin Rd Unit 100, Abbotsford BC V2T 0H5

Hope to see you there!

Honey Licorice.jpg

Murchie's Honey Licorice Herbal Tea

 Tea is what Poet Emily Isaacson thrives on; why she even writes verse about it. With seven cups a day on the menu, she has to stock up on this winning variety of herbal tea. Since her early days in Victoria, she has visited Murchie's tea on Government Street and selects their tea. 


                     I’ve lived a thousand years, in league with tea,

                     I drink in more and more of earth’s light,

                      with every cup . . .

                                       —Emily Isaacson, Hallmark

Murchie's Library Blend Tea

Emily Isaacson can usually be found in a library and that is where she writes best. Consider this blend of tea bags this year as the perfect holiday gift. With your favourite book lover in mind you can purchase a book to dog-ear by the poet here.

Gateau Murchie Chocolat

At length I remembered the last resort

of a great princess who,

when told that the peasants had no bread,

replied: "Then let them eat brioches."


— Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Confessions


Layers of mocha mousse between rich, flourless chocolate cake has won the Empress's Favour.

Sweet Georgia Browns

Purdys Chocolates in Canada opted to send Emily Isaacson four boxes of chocolates to celebrate her new work Arsenic.


It's no secret that our Sweet Georgia Browns have their own fan club.

Get the party started.

– Purdys Chocolatier

Simple Retro Cardigan.jpg

Eliana Retro Crew Neck 100% Wool Sweater Cardigan by Simple Retro

Hailing from New York, this is the sweater her Empress has chosen as a holiday special this year. Pure wool is a delicacy kind of like pure poetry, and this cardigan is 100% wool.

Rose Hip Oil by Leven Rose

With five sisters in the family, Emily Isaacson's hallmark is nice porcelain skin. She has been using oil for over 20 years as her mainstay with one of her favourites being Rose Hip Oil. Try this wonder of the cosmetic and botanical world to even your gorgeous complexion.

2023 Merlot.jpg

Organic Meritage 

Raise a toast to the Empress!


Have a glass of Emily Isaacson's favourite Organic Meritage this Empress Day. . . it's Organic wine from a local BC Winery.

Bold and Elegant like the Empress . . . Our winemaking philosophy is that organic and biodynamic provides the royal road to producing exceptionally beautiful, authentic, terroir-based wine that will connect you with the beautiful Okanagan Valley.

SARAH DRA5202T-Blue-April-Cornell-Dress_1.jpg

April Cornell

Sublime color choice lays at the heart of the Empress's selection for this Christmas, and the sweet symphony of sight achieved by the Sarah is like a smile waiting to happen. Timeless styling defined by stitched down inverted pleats, tiered gathers and button on ties for a custom silhouette.

Emily Dress 2023.jpg

Emily Dress 
by April Cornell

Just... dreamy. The imagination runs a little wild when we consider elevated creations like the Emily, in these instances a picture really is worth a thousand words.

1 NTA5589T-Harvest-April-Cornell-Nighty_1.jpg

Golden Lodge Nightgown
by April Cornell

Behold the Golden Lodge, an enchanting design woven with yarn dyed brushed cotton and graced by pretty pleats and side seam pockets for the Empress.

Estee Lauder's Modern Muse

Modern Muse was inspired by the complexity of a modern woman, with the same dynamic contrasts as her life and her personality. Her creative energy and magnetic femininity are captured by its multi-faceted, sparkling floralcy. Her sleek style, strength and sensuality by its sleek woods.


Who is Emily Isaacson? She's confident and independent, soft and strong, feminine yet dynamic. Stylish and original, she inspires everyone she meets—without saying a word.


Secret Garden Dress 
by Armstreet

Elegant dresses of luscious colors will make her ladies bloom so that you never can tell whether they are adorned with flowers or turned into flowers themselves?

Its simple inner construction ensures the Empress's dress remains a focal point, still, her ladies are as comfortable as they befit.

Broad oval neckline with linen binding reveals just the right amount of skin, while the lacing lends graceful silhouette and allows easy fitting. Full sweeping maxi skirt keeps the Empress and her beauties up dancing and twirling all day long.

All about pristine charm, our Secret Garden dress is the epitome of medieval style. Give in the temptation to wander its narrow paths and gazing at a lost world where nature reigns supreme.


“German Rose” Cotton Dress 
by Armstreet

Without her, autumn came and trees became austere,
And after that the time grew quickly, year by year by year.
Still, I listen for whispers of that song I could have known,
And look to my garden, gnarled and my flowers overgrown.
I tell myself, as winter comes, if I could just have her here,
She would be my finest rose.

You can’t go wrong with simple, understated beauty around the Empress.

Most of the inspiration for this dress for the Empress (whose paternal background is German) came from “The Crucifixion” oil painting, which was painted around 1540 by Anton Woesam. At the front of the painting, there is a figure kneeling, wearing the dress that we based our initial design on. In the original painting, the sleeves were shorter, but we still took the basic silhouette and square neckline from this as a starting point. Our design process from here was to look at other garments from the era and figure out how to engineer the dress in a way that looked fantastic but was still comfortable for our customers to wear. This dress has the same flattering silhouette as the rest of the collection, giving you a high waist that allows the skirt to drape down below. This leads to a thin, dainty waist, adding grace to the overall silhouette, as well as making just about anyone appear tall and lithe.

Source: Armstreet Clothing


Rough Linen A.jpg

St Barts Linen Tablecloth by Rough Linen

Simple and textural, the fluid drape and exceptional luster of our St. Barts Tablecloth brings fresh colour and soft comfort to the Empress's table, so her food is seen to best advantage.  One of her favourites for company, it is finished with deep three inch hems and precise mitered corners.


Blue Tansy by doTERRA

Blue Tansy essential oil is named in part for its vivid shade of blue, which is as vibrant as the oil’s benefits. Its calming aroma comes from Blue Tansy essential oil’s sweet, warm fragrance and one of its primary benefits is to soothe the skin for a glowing complexion. It is our Empress's top choice this holiday season for topical use, as well as diffusion and bathing.
Blue Tansy.jpg

Cozy up to our Christmas fire

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