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Medicine Dreamers


90 Pages

Prose-poetry by Emily Isaacson 


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Ignatia is a study of two prophets, Justice and Liberty. Written in prose-poetry, this journey takes them to study natural medicine at one of America’s top universities, and then as missionaries to the Middle East and Israel.

When they lose the one person they need the most, it seems the only thing left to do is try their wings and go it alone. As they travel from Turkey to Israel, the guidance of their hearts emanates and they do find a home in Jerusalem where they resume their teachings at the university there, and uncover a deeper meaning to the vocation of healer in the physician. 

Someday they will know the reason they came to Israel, but for now it is enough to spell out the emotion of this land. They cultivate an Israel that will know the Lord the way an olive tree knows its gardener.

This book was originally titled The Two Olive Trees. Now, buy the second edition . . .

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