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     Released December 11

New Release!

From celebrated author and poet Isaacson is

the release of the decade . . .

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The Original Manuscript

Published over 11 years ago, The Fleur-de-lis has become a beloved favourite of classic Canadiana literature.

The original print run was of only 135 copies.

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The Fleur-de-lis

Now in one volume . . .

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Crafted for a prince, the collection now stands as a regal compilation in one volume, bearing the authentic words and personal seal of its enigmatic creator. Isaacson's poems, akin to mini speeches, manage to forge an intimate connection with readers. The fleur-de-lis, her enduring symbol, becomes a powerful metaphor for valour, standing resolute against the challenges she faced. The poems, whose recipients have been recluses, monks, and ministers, resonate in convents but face rejection in churches. The dichotomy of her gift, viewed by some as divine and others as witchcraft, only adds layers to the mystique surrounding Isaacson's work.

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Captures the Beauty

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A medieval applause
at the stone table—
the wine in casks,
the emerald queen,
her babe in arms,
her knight
still worthy of his cause;
a sword drawn
to slay her
at first sight of October …

Autumn leaves
fell to the ground,
swaying the populace once;
her veil of white,
the deathly cliffs of Dover
over the
fragrant swirl of a
midsummer’s night:
it was once said
that wedding cake
under a young girl’s pillow
would give her dreams of the
man she would marry.

Emily Isaacson

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