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Gather Ye Rosebuds While Ye May:
of the Wild Rose

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Photo used by permission.

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Shrouds of a petal, nuanced in shadow,

she wafts slender; as young as she is old.

Emily Isaacson, Requiem of Astolat




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O Linen: undertunic of the sand,

tri-coloured, penchant, hanging from the land;

our stitches have reclothed you, and we found

you hanging by a mermaid’s silver thread.


Emily Isaacson, Love in the Time of Plague



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" ' Behold, I make all things new." Then he said, 'Write these words down'" (21:5). Hearing this in the monk's choir, I gasped. No wonder this chapter is Dickinson's favorite. Christ's commission may well have helped her define her calling, her vocation as a poet (and I would claim, one of the great biblical interpreters of the nineteenth century.) I gasped again, as a phrase entered my mind: " Ezra Pound thundered,'make it new,' and Jesus said, 'I will." . . .


Dragons within, dragons without. Evil so pervasive that only the poetry of the apocalypse can imagine its defeat . . . We will sing a new song. 


Kathleen Norris, The Cloister Walk (1996)






icons like saints

in anthem, breathing

through the stained glass:

tracing the water


of the sky.



Author and Poet Emily Isaacson

"I might be only
an aspen sapling,
or I might be old now,
with glittering leaves,
and porous bones, who is to say?"

Emily Isaacson, Hallmark

Movie Night with Voetelle

Emily Isaacson is known for her lucid and dramatic poetry, as well as her astute vision to  use revelation to make information, images, and words relevant and meaningful. Her use of images and soundtracks to create movies during Covid lockdown has contributed to some of her poetry being put to sound and images for her viewers.

See her YouTube here.


each rhyme

of price would droop and die with winter’s frost,

and I could no more keep them there alive

with a black thumb—I could no more grow thyme 

than give a lark flight—

           . . . the mysterious verse by Emily Isaacson

Ginger Lily Needlepoint


Antiques are the haunts of yesteryear.


The solid walnut narrow chest of drawers

contained the treasures of Victorian time:

ginger lily needlepoint spoke

of painstaking measures;

a velvet autograph book,

enamelled with its signatures

of well-wishers and sweethearts, rose

and fell with the swoons of youth.


There lay a pile of faded photographs,

children without smiles,

spinster women in black, and men with top hats.

In velvet, a set of vintage silver teaspoons

and sugar tongs tarnished with neglect,

an antique fan aged, embossed with memories

and pewter swirls; a pocket watch,

precisely stopped at half-past nine.


Emily Isaacson, Victoriana

Self portraits by Isaacson

Emily Isaacson is a poet with both Canadian and American influences, who is a dual citizen. Her prolific verse and multimedia art bring poetry to life: she has created over 100 videos of her poetry, and hosted a weekly poetry movie on YouTube during Covid lockdown. In the last seventeen years her sites have been visited over 2 million times by more than 45 countries. She is also an arts advocate who has taught on Creative Writing. She has a Bachelor of Science from Bastyr University in Seattle and is currently the Director of the Wild Lily Institute, founded to preserve her poetry and legacy.

She now invites you to her cache of over 50 photos, taken by herself over a time span of 15 years.

All photos are under copyright by WLI. 

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The Fleur-de-lis

What is Emily Isaacson's claim to fame?


She was chosen to write the sacred manuscript of The Fleur-de-lis to commemorate the marriage of Prince William to Kate Middleton in 2011.


This historical book of Canadiana literature contained over 800 poems in English and French and was published in three volumes.


Not only that, it was her first real publication of her work, and took her over 5 years to complete. She claims this divine invitation was given to her by God and that it is a prophetic and anointed work.


Read more about this amazing book . . .  

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The Clay Road

Emily Isaacson's writing stylised poetry while subsisting on olive oil is world-renowned for its poignant and lyrical style and fluent use of versified language. Return to the earth and its olives with her series Clay Road. . .

Blurry Lights


"But she lives; for great poets do not die; they are continuing presences;

they need only the opportunity to walk among us in the flesh."

-- Virginia Woolf,  A Room of One's Own

ISAACSON'S Latest Poetry

"The New World sounds its horn to all its evangelists, antagonists and enthusiasts, in bold claim of the English language and all its endeavors. There are those who will rise up. This new renaissance of post-modern verse varies in its expense from page to page, and yet, no expense is spared. The jewels of the world vary greatly, but few are as rare a find as this trilogy of works of

the Black Saint. . . "


Preface to Victoriana (2015)


I listened from out the little window

to see if I could hear your song

in the lane,

and when the familiar whistle sounded,

even my dulcet heart gave way.


There was the song of us

that whistled on the moor

before the seasons began,

when we knew we’d be together

even in a foreign land.


There was the wood

that burned dry in the hearth;

I took a coin from my purse,

and counted the face on it

memorizing the moments your touch

reached out in healing.


There was the building of

something new amid the old,

a search for independence,

a need to voice a referendum.


The old country calls me home.

Its architecture has not yet crumbled.

I wave from my window

and write Scottish poems

to the sonorous bagpipe,

the fire, burning, burning cinders.


From the poem "Burning Cinders"


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What is the length of the 

complete works?

Dying Swan

Isaacson's complete works includes over 1500 individual poems, ranging from age 13 to her most recent works. The book is at present approximately 1,200 pages. She is currently taking offers from traditional publishers.


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List of the Month has now ended
with the pandemic.

Toward the replanting of a land—

once deserted, cold, and barren, still;

now citrus, and the olive, myrtle stand,

our pride in the distance, through the hills

spilling fine perfume and virgin oil.

Early songs still rise from temple mount

amid the prayers, centuries old toil.


--Emily Isaacson, The Replanting

House of Rain

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